Why should I get a PowerSite?

Its Powerfully Simple

Powersite is designed to be Powerfully Simple, meaning it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, think of it as a Suzuki Swift, simple and to the point.

This means its really easy to operate, even for those not experienced with websites because its not cluttered up with all the latest wizz bang features.

Its The Complete Package

When you Purchase your PowerSite we take care of all the things you need to do with a new website.  This includes:

  • Detailed statistics of the usage of your site
  • up to 50 free email accounts
  • Setup of your Google Adwords account
  • naturally optimised for search engines.  This will ensure your site ranks highly in google.
  • maps.google
  • finda

They Look and Feel Great

We have a number of page layouts for you to choose from.  These layouts determine the type menu, whether you want 1 or two column layouts.   A number of professional designs which give you stunning colours, headers, buttons etc.  You can base your PowerSite on one of these themes and then customize it to all your business colours.

Its Kiwi Owned and Operated

PowerSite is developed and run by Kiwis, so you are supporting Kiwi Made.  Also it means when you call or email for support, we are in the same country.